Ciao, Ciao


August 21, 2014, my journey begins. I’m celebrating my 28th birthday alone on a plane to Singapore by way of Dubai. Don’t feel too bad for me- I’ve already celebrated my birthday in Sea Island, Richmond and DC, and while I always try my best to position myself on a beach with a glass of rose in hand on this special day, I can settle for the white Burgundy that Emirates airlines has so kindly provided for me.  It’s actually drinking quite nicely.

Back up- Singapore, you might ask? Yes, I forgot to mention that minor detail. Before I start my program in Ireland, I decided to make a pit stop in SE Asia for 2.5 weeks to visit my fabulous friend Lizzie Craft. It is, after all, the most direct route to the Emerald Isle. After that I’ll be meeting another fabulous friend, Sarah Harrison, in Paris for 5 days and THEN I go to Ireland.

Back to the airplane.  I had big plans for what I was going to do to fill these 13 hours to Dubai. Some of it involved sleeping, some of it involved movies but the majority of it involved being on the internet.  Given the fact that it’s my birthday, I had carved out a good two hours to watch my Facebook wall fill up with Happy Birthday notes. JK…kind of. Fail-this plane has no internet.  This plane, which I would estimate holds about 500 people, all seats equipped with entertainment systems, USB plug ins, etc, has NO internet. I’ve been on airplanes from Richmond to New York where they offer internet service.  But, I digress- I’ll save that rant for my blog about airplanes.

13 hours ahead of me with no internet means movies, wine and ambien (don’t judge, I’m pumped about it).  The trip actually wasn’t that bad thanks to Frozen, the Hunger Games, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter (yep, those are all rated PG).

Given the fact that this blog is supposed to focus on food. I thought I would give you all a little snapchat of my breakfast.

airplane eggs

Now, if you know me well, you know how I feel about eggs. If they aren’t cracked from the egg onto either the skillet they are fried in, the bowl they are scrambled in, the pot they are poached in (you get the jist..); I shan’t be eating them. To be more clear, if the eggs came from a carton or any sort of mold (aka an egg McMufiin), I won’t be consuming those either. I like fresh eggs- so sue me.

HOWEVER, in light if my recent uncorked attitude adjustment, I thought maybe I should loosen the reigns and give these airplane eggs a try. Everyone around me is eating them and they are still alive, so there’s that. So I did it, I took one bite of these scrambled eggs with chives (at least they went the extra mile to add a pop of color and some flavor with those chives).  They were…fine. I am still alive and I just took my very first bite of airplane eggs ever which is huge! I most likely won’t be doing that again for the rest of my life but I thought I could at least celebrate my tiny victory with some champagne.  Cheers to 28- may it be the best year yet!