Farm to Plane

I know I said I was finished ranting about airplanes, but I think it may be a recurring theme on this blog. At least it will save me the trouble of creating an entirely new blog focused on my hatred of flying so, that's good, one last thing. 

My second flight was decent. Only 7 hours long this time and I was able to sleep a lot. This flight did, in fact, have internet, which makes the fact that my first flight didn't even more baffling. The issue that's still concerning me, however, is the food that I was served on both flights. More specifically, where is it coming from (I spared you all the picture of my grilled 'chicken'- good thing I'm heading to Asia where all the poultry is Grade A). I realize I'm not the first to bark about this issue as airplane food is generally terrible. I also realize that creating a meal for 300 people on an airplane is not the same as creating a meal for someone in a restaurant so I will try not to be TOO judgmental. However, with the current focus these days on farm to table, local food, organic, grass fed, wild caught, cage free, etc, shocks me that there aren't some healthier options on airplanes.

A couple weeks ago, Wit (my awesome brother) and I had the brilliant idea to start a Farm to Plane company when I return from culinary school.  After some research, I found out that Delta is already providing a Farm to Tray Table focused menu for a few international flights from Atlanta with food provided by local Georgia farms. Kudos to you, Delta. 

Anyway, I've made it to Singapore! Lizzie and I are heading out for mojitos. Cheers!