Raffles Champagne Brunch

Lizzie told me that on Sunday morning we were going to Champagne Brunch at The Raffles Hotel with her coworkers. Great- love it; love the shoes, love the bag, love everything. She did not, however, prepare me for the ridiculously indulgent smorgasbord of brunch cuisine I was about to encounter. I honestly don't know where to begin. This was probably the most excellent brunch experience of my lifetime thus far. It was in the hotels' Bar and Billiard room. The hotel itself is beautiful with luxurious colonial architecture and design so just being there was a treat. 

Lobby of Raffles Hotel

Lobby of Raffles Hotel

Bar and Billiards Room

Bar and Billiards Room

The entire brunch was buffet style with everything from raw bar to meats to cheeses to pasta to dessert. I honestly was so overwhelmed that I didn't focus enough on pictures so I apologize but I will attempt to recount each of my 6 courses as they were l'amazing.

Course 1: I started with the raw bar. Six different types of oysters from all over the world, prawns and a lobster tail. Fantastic start.

Course 2: I attempted to make this my healthy salad course but ended up with several salad accoutrements and a few pieces of lettuce (shocking)- poached artichoke hearts, portobello mushrooms with goat cheese and pesto, quinoa, roasted eggplant, asparagus, feta cheese with thyme and olive oil...and some butter lettuce.

Course 3: Handmade ravioli with ricotta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. 

Course 4: Meat- just a lot of amazing meat. Lamb chops with an herb crust, braised lamb shank, aged wagyu beef tenderloin and ribs. Each came with their own accompanying sauce which I greatly appreciated. 

Course 5: Cheese! Don't worry- I do have pictures. This cheese spread was incredible. There were about 30 different cheese from all over the world. They also had various fruits, crackers and spreads to go along with the cheese which I think is crucial when putting together a cheese plate. I think I tried about 8 and they were all delicious. 

Course 6: Dessert- they had a choice of about 15 different desserts so I really had to choose wisely. I opted for a mini creme brulee, lemon tarte, raspberry macaroons, and bread pudding. The bread pudding was delightful and came with a vanilla creme sauce. 

In addition to my six courses I started the meal with a Singapore Sling which is a fruity cocktail that was actually invented in the Raffles Hotel. Then the bottomless champagne commenced...when in Rome! 

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After brunch we roamed around the hotel for a bit then took a walk on the water. I'd say it was a successful first weekend. Next stop- Jakarta!