Two Girls, One Map, No Direction

Motorbikes are the way to go when you are in Bagan. We rented them from a place next to our hotel for about $8. They were so much fun and we were able to cover a lot more ground- the one downfall was that we didn't have Jo to guide us which made getting around a bit more challenging. Luckily we knew which part of town Jo had taken us to the day before so we just headed the opposite way to start exploring.

All women and children in Bagan (literally all) wear what looks like tan sandy face paint on their cheeks and forehead. Apparently this is called Thanaka and is made from the bark of trees that grow primary in Myanmar. The bark is mixed with water and applied to the women's faces to protect from sunburn and to prevent acne and aging- sign me up! We live thousands of miles apart but still have the same goal- love it. When you see Thanaka cream being sold at Saks for $80 per test tube just remember you heard it here first. Anywho- Lizzie and I made friends with a nice lady who was kind enough to paint our faces. We also bought some of the powder to make the cream which I will definitely be using as a face mask.

Post face painting and a few more temple stops we heading to a restaurant called Sunset for lunch. The views were unbelievable, as was the food. Bagan really is so different from anywhere I've seen. For a place that is certainly quite rundown, you can see the effort that goes into making it beautiful. The temples speak for themselves but there is also a certain charm about Bagan and great sense of community that makes it a very special place. 

After lunch and a few more temples it was time to head back to the hotel to catch our flight to Yangon. Easy peasy- we'll just follow the map. Nope. We could not have gotten more lost in this small town (hence the title of this post). It was quite amazing. It was 5pm and we were still lost. Our flight was scheduled for 6:25pm, but when we booked the ticket earlier that day we were informed that 'I think we will leave at 6 tonight instead.' Cool, Air Bagan, just text me when you're ready to leave? Not to worry though, Air Bagan did not leave us behind and we arrived in Yangon safely. 

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