Kate's Holiday Gift Guide- 14 Gifts Under $70 for your Food Loving Friends!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day, filled with lots of carbs, wine and um, turkey. I certainly did :) As the hoildays are officially upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a little gift guide filled with fabulous and affordable (everything under $70!) gifts for all of your foodie friends. Whether you're shopping for a chef (ahem, hint, ahem...did you get the hint?), for the ultimate entertainer or for someone who just enjoys good food and a pretty things, I've got you covered. Cheers, my loves! Happy Shopping! 

Brooklyn Slate Co Cheese Board Starter Kit - $52

I love plating things on slate, especially cheese! It gives the cheese plate such a rustic feel and makes for such a beautiful presentation. This starter kit is so adorable and comes complete with a board, cheese knife, mineral oil for cleaning and a soapstone pen. Check out the rest of Brooklyn Slate Co's website for other great gift ideas! 



Langholm Cheese Knives - $36

These tricolored cheese knives are a staple for anyone who loves to entertain. I love that they are three different colors and three different shapes to satisfy every type of cheese on your plate. They also go well with slate, wooden or marble cheese plates. These knives are super festive for the holidays but can definitely be used year round. Oh and also, they're so pretty! 





Copper Mixing Bowl - $59.99

Copper mixing bowls, in my opinion, are a true luxury to have in the kitchen. The main advantage of using a copper mixing bowl is that it will give volume to both whipped egg whites and whipped cream because of the way the liquid reacts with the copper. Trust me, if you're shopping for anyone who loves to cook or bake, they will appreciate this gift. If you don't necessarily spend your time in the kitchen whipping egg whites by hand (not judging), fill this with some beautiful Granny Smith Apples and use it as a center piece. This bowl deserves to be seen! 

Polished Horn Salt Cellar and Spoon - $40

I never used a salt cellar until I went to culinary school. I know it sounds silly, but it makes all the difference! Using a salt cellar makes cooking and seasoning your food so convenient and you have much more control over how much salt you're putting into your food. It looks great on the table and it's super helpful to have by your side when you're cooking at the stove top. Admit it, you need the salt cellar, and the salt cellar needs you too.




Maldon Sea Salt Triple Gift Pack - $29.95

If you've never used Maldon Sea Salt, get to the grocery store NOW and buy some. The texture, the flavor, the color- it's heaven in a box of salt. I am literally in love with this stuff. My favorite way to use this salt is sprinkled over a delicious steak but there are so many other uses. Just make sure to use it sparingly, it ain't cheap!




Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener - $19

Do you have one of those drawers in your house filled with random wine openers that you've collected over the years? And am I right in saying most of them don't actually work that well and you sort of dread having to open that bottle of wine with it? Friends, opening a bottle of wine should not be a stressful act. In fact, it should be the opposite. Give the gift of decluttering and destressing by purchasing this electric wine bottle opener. If you're buying one as a gift, I encourage you to treat yourself to one as well. It's totally foolproof and will just make your life so much easier. Credit on this one goes to my dear friend Emily Doyle for this awesome find ;) 

Le Creuset Multi Color Espresso Mug Set - $59.98

Honestly, do these even need an explanation? I don't care if you drink espresso or not, how excited would you be to get these little nuggets? I can think of so many uses for them other than espresso! Condiment cups, soup shooters (....or any kind of shooters), flowers on a cute table scape, adult hot chocolate...really the sky is the limit. The cuteness, I just can't even talk about it anymore. Buy them for someone you love. 



Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 10.25" - $24.95

This is an incredible gift with awesome value. Cast iron skillets last forever, literally. And they only get better with time. There are so many uses for them from breads to cakes to meats to veggies. This is an awesome gift for someone who is just learning to cook or trying to update their cookware collection. The flavor you get from cooking in cast iron just can't be beat! 




Double Oven Mitts - $40 

I love these double oven mitts because they are adorable (obviously) but they also help to protect your forearms when cooking. Another benefit is you can drape them over the arm of your oven so you're never without oven mitts! The perfect gift for any home cook, especially the bakers out there! 





Icemilk Waist Apron - $55

Ok, I am really jazzed about this find and this company in general. This is a southern based company that started out making only aprons and has since expanded into creating different 'heirloomed' pieces. The aprons can be personalized and come packaged in a mason jar. I don't usually say this, but, I DIE. It's so freakin' adorable! I want errything. 







Everlane Chef's Tote - $45

Everlane is one of my favorite clothing brands, so when they did a collaboration with five renowned chefs to create personalized totes it was like Christmas morning over here! I was even happier when I learned that one of the chefs was Chad Robertson, arguably the best pastry chef in the US and co-owner of San Francisco's Tartine Bakery and Bar Tartine. Twist my arm, I clearly bought one with no hesitation. These bags are a great size, a great weight and on top of that, 100% of the profits go to Edible Schoolyard NYC. How can you resist?!


iDevices iGrill Mini Remote Meat Thermometer - $39.99

The perfect gift for all you grill masters out there! This meat thermometer connects to your phone via bluetooth and allows you to plug in your desired temperature. When your meat is ready the alarm will ring! Avoid going back and forth to the grill (or oven) and let your phone do the work, per usual. 


Coyuchi Kitchen Towel Set of 2 - $15 

Kitchen towels- as a cook, you can literally never have enough and they can be used for everything from oven mitts, to keeping your greens fresh, to holding your cutting board in place. Point being, a good and absorbent kitchen towel is always a great gift! I love these colorful and rustic towels from Coyuchi. They are 100% Organic and are sure to compliment any kitchen. 


Zara Home Metal Bars Tray - $49.90

Trays are a great way to get creative and organize your kitchen. This tray is super chic and would be perfect for a wet bar or it would also be cute to keep your oils, vinegars, salt and pepper (aka the cooking essentials) next to your stove top. It would also work as a great centerpiece with some flowers and greenery. A perfect gift for the creative entertainer!




Well, that's a wrap! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have! Have a safe and happy holiday my sweeties! Cheers!