The Spanish rosé you need to be drinking

Happy Wine Wednesday! My profound apologies for my lack of wine posts lately. In my defense, I have, in fact, been living and breathing wine for the past month...I just haven't been writing about it. And no, I have not just been living up the summer and drinking wine all day (well, not really). Last Monday was my Level 3 Advanced WSET exam at the Capital Wine School in DC so for the better part of the past month my head has been buried in a text book. Woof. Fingers crossed that I actually passed :-/ Luckily, I had a week of RR&R (rest, relaxation and rosé) at the beach to help me unwind and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into things.

Let's rewind back to the last 'R' (rosé, duh). I haven't just been drinking any rosé. Rather, I've been sipping on my new obsession and quite possibly my favorite bottle of rosé I've come across in a long time. That, my friends, is a very bold statement. It's the Ameztoi Txakolina Rubentis from the Basque region in Spain. Txakolina is the local wine of the region and Ameztoi is the producer of the wine. The vineyards are in a prime location, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and just miles from the lovely town of San Sebastian. 


There are so many things I love about the wine. It is totally unpretentious with a very distinct and original flavor, which, in my opinion, is the way that wine should be! What do I mean by unpretentious? Let's talk about the label. Personally, I think it's sort of ugly, which makes me like this wine even more. If someone didn't tell me this wine was amazing, I don't know if I would buy it (I know, so shallow). On top of that, it has a screw cap. A screw cap honestly says nothing about the quality of the wine, in fact, screw caps are often more reliable than corks because there is no risk of cork taint. Wines with screw caps, however, do not age as well as wines with corks. In the case of the Txakolina, this wine is meant to be consumed within a year of its release. The current wine on the market is the 2014 vintage. Lastly, this wine sells for $21.99 which is an average price for a great bottle of rosé. Point being, there is nothing intimidating about this bottle of wine and errybody should be drinking it. 

Let's talk about the taste. My favorite thing about this wine is that it has a natural sparkling characteristic which is a signature trait of wines from this region. It is light pink in color with hints of strawberry and lime on the palate. It's light and crisp with excellent, balanced acidity. This wine is traditionally served alongside Spanish tapas and can certainly be consumed on its own! 

Trust me, if you've been drinking the same rosé all summer and are looking to spice things up, head to J. Emerson* and get yourself a bottle of Ameztoi Txakolina Rubentis! You won't regret it. Cheers! 

*Wine available for purchase at J. Emerson. Also available by the glass or bottle at The Blue Goat and Secco Wine Bar.