Kate Stephenson

Personal CHef

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Welcome to Kate Uncorked! My mission is to help individuals and families discover the benefits of a plant heavy, gut healthy lifestyle through meals that feed the mind, body and soul. As a personal chef, I love helping people connect to their food in meaningful ways by untethering them from restrictive eating and supporting the creation of new, healthy relationships with food. I design recipes and prepare meals that encourage a holistic approach to mindful eating and feature exceptional and thoughtfully sourced ingredients . I believe nourishing your body with plant-heavy and gut-healthy meals can support healing from the inside out.

Why Gut Health?

Gut health is not just the latest nutrition trend. The concept dates back to Hippocrates who noted that “All disease begins in the gut.” Centuries of food cultures have revolved around gut-healthy, fermented foods, but somewhere along the way we got distracted by calories, carbs, and diets that claimed to be the best way to drop pounds. Gut health is directly related to your physical, mental and digestive health. A healthy gut produces higher energy, clearer skin, better sleep and a stronger immune system. My goal is to help people find balance and joy in eating foods that make them feel good and give them energy rather than restricting entire categories of food (unless it is medically necessary, of course!)

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