Kate’s Core Beliefs


Food is powerful and healing

Kate Uncorked believes a holistic approach to mindful, conscious eating can transform your health and relationship with food.

Great meals are plant heavy and gut healthy

Kate Uncorked meals are centered around vegetables and use ingredients that promote a healthy gut.

Shop seasonal and shop local

Kate Uncorked meals are created using seasonal, non-GMO, consciously sourced ingredients that feature local partners at every opportunity.

Quality and sustainability over convenience

Kate Uncorked meals never sacrifice quality ingredients for a cheaper or faster alternative and are thoughtfully packaged using sustainable products.

Be positive and judgment free

Kate Uncorked believes in a positive, mindful and judgement free approach to wellness.


Kate’s Food Values + Ingredient Standards

Recipes are plant heavy

While not all meals are 100% plant based, plants are the focus of every meal. Each meal includes at least 2 servings of plants.

Greens are essential

Whether in the form of a side salad or cooked into your meal, every meal includes a serving of greens.

Embrace the good fats!

Food is cooked in coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, grass fed butter or ghee.

All animal and seafood proteins meet the following standards

  •    Poultry is locally sourced, free range, antibiotic and hormone free

  •   Beef is locally sourced forage fed Black Angus beef

  • Pork is locally sourced free range Berkshire pigs free from antibiotics, hormones and nitrates

  •   Fish and shellfish are sourced from sustainable fisheries

Recipes will limit dairy, gluten, soy and added sugar

If any are used, they will be in the following forms

  •    Grass-fed, full fat, pasture-raised dairy

  •     Whole organic soy products

  •     Easily digestible gluten products such as sourdough bread

  •     Sweeteners used are maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar