Kate Uncorked
Kate Uncorked
Personal Chef - Richmond, VA


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Do you cater?

I am not a full service caterer, however, I will take on small in home events on a case by case basis. I do not work out of a commercial kitchen so my food is prepared and served in my clients’ kitchens.


What is the largest number of people for whom you can cook?

It depends on the style of service (plated meals, family style, buffet). Generally, 15-20 people is the maximum number, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with requests!


Do you have a staff?

No! It’s just me :) However, I do work with a staffing company, so for dinner parties and small events, I will hire staff accordingly.


Do you provide wine/beer/liquor/beverage service for your events?

I do not.


Do you deliver?

I do not. I don’t work out of a certified kitchen, so all of my food is prepared in the homes of my clients.


How does the weekly in home meal prep work?

Glad you asked! We will start with a complementary consultation so that I can learn more about your food preferences, allergies, dietary restrictions and overall goals for using my services. During the consultation we will decide on a mutually agreeable day/time for me to come into your home every week to cook. I will plan your custom menu every week and show up at your house with all of the ingredients. I will then do all of the meal prep and leave everything labeled in Tupperware containers in your fridge. I will send you an email with your menu, reheating instructions and a weekly invoice.


What are your hours?

My hours for weekly scheduled in home meal prep are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.


Do I have to be home when you’re cooking?



What does the in home meal prep cost?

I wish I had a straight answer! The general equation is $40/hour plus the cost of your groceries. The hourly rate includes menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep. Depending on the number of meals you’d like, the size of your family and the types of meals you require, I can give you a more specific answer. Please note that an additional travel fee may be incurred pending the exact location of your home.


What areas do you service?

Travel is included for the following zip codes-

23220, 23221, 23225, 23226, 23229, 23230


An additional travel fee may be incurred for the following zip codes depending on the exact location of your home-

23222, 23223, 23227, 23228, 23233, 23238, 23294, 23235